Thursday, September 12, 2013

New pics of Julia and Jordan

We call them J1 and J2 or the J's.
Jordan and Julia

She refuses to keep her feet in the tub, lol her feet look huge here

My cousin Donna made this gorgeous dress for Julia

Butterfly Ballerina, see how she has a tight grip on the skirt, she loves the feel of the tulle

1 comment: said...

Oh my what a sweetheart both of them.

That pattern is what a lady made my daughter and my daughter now is
48. The lady who knitted it. Has since died but that was years ago. The child Julia looks like my daughter lying in it. Amazing.

only my daughter was bald at that age but now has enough hair for two people.

So that pattern is a real winner at all years of date.

Same colour and the ribbon.

Then my daughter wore it on her daughter.